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Alexandra Penn


Alexandra brings over two decades of experience as a leading advocate for children.  More than a teacher, educator, violence prevention counselor and contributor to the Government’s Canadian Safe Schools Task Force, Alexandra is also a recognized expert, Crisis Intervention Specialist, Workplace Safety Consultant and an Internationally Certified Trainer in Youth Violence Prevention.  A coveted speaker, Alexandra leads workshops for kids, parents and educators and responds to a variety of speaking engagements throughout North America.
Her career began at the Toronto Board of Education in Canada, as a counselor providing long and short term counseling to kids aged five to eighteen.  One of Alexandra’s career highlights was her noted breakthrough work with an autistic child that inspired a training video used as a teaching tool, at the world–renowned Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, a psychiatric hospital in Toronto, Canada. Alexandra is a Founding Member of the steering committee for the Toronto Coalition for Bullying Awareness and Prevention.   
Recommended by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Alexandra co-authored  the Disney Parent-To-Parent interactive award-winning resource, “The No-Nonsense Guide To Kids’ Bullying Solutions,” that teaches kids how to save their own lives and parents how to save their kids’ lives.  The resource was honored as “Best Educational Product” for two consecutive years.
Alexandra maintains, “Learning is impaired when children are scared.  One in four kids is bullied daily.  Because children’s mental health is directly linked to their academic success, that means one in four kids is underperforming. Removing the obstacles that impede learning is essential to a child’s future.  It’s up to us.”

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